A room
2016 Mac Pro
Pro tools 12HD
Avid i/o
Avalon VT 737SP
Avid C24 controller
Mains: Custom George Augspurger designed cabinets with TAD components,
accompanied by Bag End subwoofers all powered by Bryston and Crown amplifiers.
Near fields: Genelec 1031A


B Room
Mac Pro
Pro tools 10HD
Avid 192 i/o
Avalon VT 737SP
Dangerous music monitor
Mains: Genelec 1038B accompanied by Bag End subwoofers
Near fields: Focal Alpha65


C room
2016 iMac
Pro tools 12
Universal audio LA-610 microphone preamp/compressor
UAD Apollo with plug-ins
Presonus monitoring station V2
Mains: Augspurger 12MF powered mains with dual subwoofers
Near fields: Yamaha HS8W

Various Neumann microphones are available ask for availability on booking.

Our Radio Room

R55E made by Audio Parts Engineering for recording calls and audio the have Vox Pro and the mics are RE20 made by Electro-Voice.  Zypher machine for live broadcasts and Adobe audition for audio production